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What About Your Friends?: Connecting During COVID Features Professor Greif on WBEZ Chicago

Professor Geoff Greif is one of the guests on WBEZ in Chicago's "COVID Conversations: What About Your Friends?: Connecting During COVID."

The online broadcast can be found at

From WBEZ: There’s no doubt about it, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically disrupted social life. Quarantining, staying 6 feet apart and the lack of robust IRL experiences has left many struggling to connect with existing friends and build new friendships.

Nearly a year into social distancing, how are you doing at maintaining valued connections with loved ones beyond your family? What’s working for you and where do you struggle?

Join WBEZ’s Sasha-Ann Simons and friendship experts as they take your questions on how to meaningfully nurture friendship bonds during the pandemic. Other topics will include advice on how to provide grief support for friends, how folks who live alone can connect with others and the unique challenges that male friend groups are facing.

This virtual event is part of a five-part series of Covid Conversations that seeks to connect Chicagoans this pandemic winter. Each hour-long event will feature a WBEZ host in conversation with experts, answering questions submitted by the public. Join us and be sure to submit questions ahead of time when registering. We’ll get to as many as we can during the event.



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