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This Might Hurt Film: CACPR screening event

The University of Maryland Baltimore Center to Advance Chronic Pain Research (CACPR) invites you to the upcoming screening event and virtual panel discussion on "This Might Hurt Film", a film on chronic pain patients whose pain is resistant to conventional therapies. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the challenges faced by chronic pain patients and the need for further research in pain mechanisms and treatments.

The two-week of screening event will be concluded by a virtual 60-minute panel discussion on Thu, Mar 9 at noon. In the panel discussion, we will discuss the varied causes and the complexity of chronic pain requiring whole person-centered treatments to provide better management in the context of the opioid epidemic.

Please register for the screening event and panel discussion at the link below.

You will receive a link for watching the movie through streaming anytime between Feb 23 and Mar 9.

You will also receive a zoom link for the panel discussion on Mar 9 at noon.



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