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The School of Social Work is now a Baltimore Ceasefire Site!

The Ceasefire Movement was founded in 2017 by “the Squad” including Errika Bridgeford. The ultimate goal of Baltimore Ceasefire is for everyone in the city to commit to zero murders. There are four Ceasefire weekends per year.  These include the first weekend of November, January, May (2nd weekend in honor of Mother’s Day), and August. 

The ultimate goal of Baltimore Ceasefire 365 is for everyone in the city to commit to zero murders focusing on peace, celebrating life and community engagement.

The School of Social Work is committing to supporting the movement. So what does that mean? The School of Social Work will host special events, presentations, collect donations, and offer creative ways to support peace and resilience in Baltimore. 

This November, we start off by hosting a virtual Black Entrepreneur Showcase on Friday, November 6th from 12:15-1:30pm?? This event will highlight the work(goods and services) of 9-12 black entrepreneurs in Baltimore. In the upcoming weeks, you will received additional information about the showcase. In the mean time, we invite you all to join in the movement by attending this virtual showcase, supporting the entrepreneurs and posting the Ceasefire logo on your social media, and any other creative peaceful methods you choose. We encourage as much support for the 365 ceasefire movement as possible. 

If you you would like to be involved in the virtual showcase please contact Neijma Celestine Donnor at or Kyla Liggett-Creel at (Ceasefire Ambassador). If you’d like more information on the ceasefire movement please contact Kyla Liggett- Creel or visit



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