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The Institute Supporting Family First in Nevada

The Institute for Innovation and Implementation was recently awarded a new contract with the Nevada Department of Children and Family Services to provide subject matter expertise, technical assistance, and consultation to support implementation of their Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) 5-year plan. The Institute supported Nevada’s development of the plan, recently submitted to the federal Children’s Bureau for approval, and will be working on implementation activities as well as developing and implementing FFPSA evaluation plans and facilitating Systems of Care work.

In addition to our work with Nevada, the Institute launched an informative, engaging webinar series this to support leaders in child-, youth-, and family-serving systems across the U.S. in meeting the requirements of FFPSA. The series provides stakeholders the opportunity to develop a service array that best meets the needs of youth and families using evidence-based programs (EBPs). The series continues this week on September 16 with High-Quality Implementation of Evidence-Based Services at Scale: Supporting Practice Change at Every Level. Register today and access the previous sessions.



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