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SSW Professor Geoffrey Greif & former SWOS Social Worker Branden A. McLeod Publish a New Chapter

SSW Professor Geoffrey L. Greif and former SWOS Social Worker Branden A. McLeod Published a New Chapter on Incarcerated Fathers

Abstract: When fathers are incarcerated, their families and support networks are also significantly affected. The fathers’ changed living situation can make parenting difficult. It is, therefore, essential to expand awareness of how to assist these fathers in maintaining and reinforcing their fatherhood identity to optimize interactions with family members. Life-course perspective and identity theories are helpful frameworks in understanding how societal expectations and social structures shape fathers’ identity formation and their involvement with their children and families.

McLeod, B.A. & Greif, G.L. (2023). Group Work with Fathers in Federal Pretrial Detention and a Community-Based Residential Setting: Reflections on Practice and Policies Across Contexts. In: Bellamy, J.L., Lemmons, B.P., Cryer-Coupet, Q.R., Shadik, J.A. (eds) Social Work Practice with Fathers. Springer, Cham.



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