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SSW Instructors Promote Equity at UMMS

On March 4, adjunct Instructors Lauren Siegel and Jeff Singer published a commentary in the Baltimore Sun calling on the University of Maryland Medical Systems to boldly promote equity and diversity within and around UMMS.

The Commentary critiques UMMS providers for writing prescriptions that low income patients cannot fill. It decries the shocking disparity in wages between millionaire senior staff and the workers who make the hospital function, but cannot afford housing. UMMS should stop promoting gentrification and displacement, especially in impoverished neighborhoods of color. Nor should UMMS promote the use of public dollars for private profits, as in the BioPark and Poppleton.

Finally, UMMS should help develop permanently affordable non-speculative housing around the hospital, ending homelessness there.

UMMS_can_do_more_for_its_low-income_patients_and_neighbors__READER_COMMENTAR Y_-_Baltimore
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