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Social Work in the Workplace & Employee Assistance (EAP) Advising Available

Did you know that the UMSSW has the only specialized MSW program focused on preparing graduate students for social work in the workplace with a focus on employee assistance or EAP?

Our school is recognized as a global leader in this area and graduates continue to be sought out for meaningful jobs and leadership positions in the world of work, EAP, and broader employee behavioral health and well-being. Offered within the broader Behavioral Health Sub-specialization, the Social Work in the Workplace & Employee Assistance Sub-specialization can be completed within the traditional program’s two year timeline. You can do a clinical or macro concentration with this program, and still apply for various scholarships, including BHWISE and others! There is even a new macro concentration program in leadership that includes the sub-specialization!

The Social Work in the Workplace & Employee Assistance Sub-Specialization emphasizes prevention, assessment, and short-term counseling for mental health and substance use, personal problems that can negatively affect productivity and work performance, services to support work/life integration and well-being, crisis intervention, and stress management. Additionally, social workers in the workplace partner with diverse work organizations to develop and implement policies, consult with managers, and assess organizational functioning and human resource management. The potential for jobs for social workers in the workplace are endless!

If you are interested in pursuing this sub-specialization, please contact the Chair, Dr. Jodi Frey at to schedule a 30 minute advising session. She will discuss your classes, career goals, internship options and more during this session.



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