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Shah-Nelson Co-Chairs and Presents at Online Learning Consortium Accelerate Conference

Clark Shah-Nelson, DBA, Assistant Dean of Instructional Design and Technology was selected as Co-Chair of the Online Learning Consortium's Accelerate 2021 conference: Accelerating Online Learning Worldwide (virtual and in D.C.).

Shah-Nelson will also be presenting and co-presenting the following sessions:

  • Meditation + Multimedia Instructional Design: The MID-MED Approach To The Creative Process;

  • Q & A About Pursuing A Doctorate: Online Leaders Share Their Pathways And Perspectives;

  • Liberating Boundaries: Modeling Global Communities Of Practice; E-Zines: Create Colorful, Comely And Communicative Engagement With Your Online Audience (led by SSW\'s IDEA Team Instructional Technologist, Rodney Urand) and Meditation And Mindfulness - A Guided Virtual Meditation Session.



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