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Sam Little – Why I am Proud to Work Here. Proud to Give Here.

“Upon returning to my alma mater in 2013, after a 26-year career in government combined with university teaching and consulting in the corporate sector, I was honored to join the team in Office of Field Education. I looked forward to enhancing field placements that build professional knowledge and develop interns\' core competencies, skills and integrity. These goals were met continually thanks to the remarkable support I received from the school\'s administration, faculty and co-workers. Much inspiration has come from the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s (UMSSW) commitment to public kinship, the notion of coming together to do good things in times of crisis. Innumerable crises have faced Baltimore and the nation in recent history, but I cannot recall a time the School did not participate in developing a solution. At UMSSW, public kinship has been a value, an operating principle that is the acknowledgement that we are family in our community, nation and world. Equally, the work climate has provided intrinsic satisfaction, opportunities to learn by engaging with scholars about many topics, and appreciation for a variety of viewpoints. Working at UMSSW has been delightful and unmatched by any employer during my professional career. If you work here, you will fall in love with UMB.”

- Samuel B. Little, PhD, MSW, LCSW-C, Associate Dean for Field Education

Proud to Work Here, Proud to Give Here is a participation-based campaign, meaning every gift — no matter the size — makes a substantial difference in our collective work and brings new opportunities to our students, programs, research, and scholarship at UMSSW and UMB.



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