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Restorative Practices Initiative at SSW

Restorative Practices Trainings for Facilitators. These trainings are specifically for those who attended the two day restorative practices training in January and who have committed to being part of a core group of facilitators who will be called upon to facilitate circles within SSW.

May 26th, 2021: Practice Support Workshop from 12:15-2pm. The purpose of this practice support meeting is to discuss and share specific tools and techniques around community building circles. Prior to attending this workshop, participants are asked to facilitate a brief community building circle using the tools and techniques learned in 2 day training.

June 8th, 2021: Facilitating Restorative Circles in Response to Conflict and Harm from 9am-4pm. This training is specifically focused on facilitating circles when harm and conflict has occurred.

· Please RSVP for the workshops above by April 26th at 5pm

Link to register for workshops-



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