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Reports Published from Crumpton's Collaboration with ActionAid-Myanmar

ActionAid-Myanmar (AAM) has published three new reports regarding its work on village and village tract level participatory planning and community development in Chin and Kayah States, Myanmar. SSW's Dr. David Crumpton was co-editor of the separate reports on the results in Chin and Kayah and was co-author of the Research Brief on the two projects. This published work represents a continuation of Dr. Crumpton's collaboration with AAM that has also included work in the cities of Yangon and Mandalay and Kayin State.

Recent MSW graduate, Julia Roche was an unacknowledged contributor to Dr. Crumpton's editorial work.

The citations for the reports are as follows:

Crumpton, C.D. & Cifuentes, M. (2020). Lessons from Participatory Bottom-Up Planning Processes in Chin and Kayah States, Myanmar. Yangon, MM: ActionAid-Myanmar, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.29538.96969

ActionAid-Myanmar (2020). Community-Led Development in Kayah: Challenges and Lessons from Collective Community Leadership, C.D. Crumpton & M. Cifuentes (Eds.). Yangon, MM: ActionAid-Myanmar.

ActionAid-Myanmar (2020). Strengthening Rural Community Development in Chin State, Myanmar, C.D. Crumpton & M. Cifuentes (Eds.). Yangon, MM: ActionAid-Myanmar.

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