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Rachel Vannatta's Research Featured in New Textbook on Group Counseling

Introduction to Group Counseling

A Culturally Sustaining and Inclusive Framework

Steen, Sam, PhD, LSC | Vannatta, Rachel, PhD, NCC, LCPC | leva, Kara, PhD, NCC, NCSC

Her research demonstrated through a rigorous systematic content analysis of group counseling course syllabi used to prepare students at the graduate level to conduct group counseling programs and interventions, while learning group leadership skills, and understanding group dynamics and so forth, minimally included evidence of multiculturalism being incorporated in the courses. What was lacking even more were discussions of social justice, racism, oppression, and privilege. The texts described in the course syllabi that were used, often implied that the readers were White and the students and families being served were either White, or when diversity was mentioned, automatically these “others” were seen from a deficit perspective. Perhaps this finding could be attributed to the current state of the textbook market, the current state of our society prior to March 2020, and other ongoing westernized ideals that riddle academic writing and publishing within counselor education. In other words, there were limited examples of texts that intentionally infused topics related to cultural competence, cultural relevance, cultural sustainability that includes both race and the intersections of identity throughout the discussion of group leadership skills and tasks.

As the authors completed this writing project, the market was burgeoning with fresh innovative ideas on racism, antiracism, White supremacy, intersectionality within counseling, yet there still remain very few that discuss these crucial ideas within the context of group counseling. This book aims to provide content, experiential activities, strong case applications in group leadership across every chapter.

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