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Promise Heights' Stacey Stephens MSW, LCSW-C opens AAMC conference

Stacey Stephens MSW, LCSW-C Program Director of B’more for Healthy Babies @Promise Heights presented during the opening of the Association of American Medical Colleges virtual webinar series “Partnering to Support Healthy Moms and Babies in Baltimore and Beyond Celebrating 10 years of B’more for Healthy Babies”.

In the presentation “A Community Based Approach to Improving Birth Outcomes”, Ms. Stephens highlighted the vital role of enhancing local partnerships, authentic community engagement and centering expectant families to improve birth outcomes. She also shared how the program transitioned to support the needs of residents, community health workers and partners as everyone managed the impacts of the triple pandemic. Local barber and community activist, Quante Bouleware of Cut Styles barbershop joined the presentation and spoke passionately about how Black fathers are improving family health outcomes.



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