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Professor Frey and PROSPER Research Team from SSW and SOM Published in Substance Abuse

Professor Frey and PROSPER research team from SSW and SOM published in Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment.

Professor Jodi Frey and colleagues from University of Maryland School of Social Work and School of Medicine, working under leadership of Drs. Marianne Cloeren (SOM), Frey (SSW), and their PROSPER research have a new paper published in Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment that explores sleep quality and its association with other biopsychosocial risk factors for unemployment with patients receiving opioid agonist treatment for opioid use disorder.

Data from Drs. Frey and Cloeren's Operation PROSPER study collected from three Baltimore City treatment programs. Huffman, Cloeren, Ware, Frey, Greenblatt, Mosby, Oliver, Imboden, Bazell, Clement, and Diaz-Abad found a high prevalence of poor sleep quality in patients with OUD on OAT and that this was associated with multiple known risk factors for unemployment. Implications for integrating problem sleep screening into treatment programs to enhance the recovery process and support employment discussed.

More details can be found at: (open access) and more information about the PROSPER projects can be found at



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