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Post-Doctoral Fellow Virtual Poster Session(LIVE) today (April 20)

Do you know that the School of Social Work currently hosts three post-doctoral fellows? Are you interested in learning about their work? The 2021 poster session featuring the work of Drs. Nicole Mattocks, Jessica Orth, and Justin K. Scott is now live (virtually)! Each post-doc recorded a voice-thread presentation and also provided a version of the poster without narration for those who would like to take their time viewing it. To listen and view, please visit: and click on the PDF Virtual Poster Session link.

Our post-docs have worked hard to share their research with the SSW Community. I hope you find the posters informative and engaging.

A special thanks to Miesha Williams for her hard work and assistance on this project. As always, we appreciate the post-docs and their mentors – Jay Unick, John Cagle, and Brenda Jones-Harden – for the excellent scholarship on important social issues.



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