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PAID Note Taking Opportunity!

Dear UMB Student,

Educational Support and Disability Services is in need of note takers for the following first and second year courses:

Course #/Section/Instructor

  • SOWK 600 HY1 Smith

  • SOWK 610 OS1 Craddock

  • SOWK 610 HG1Edmondson Smith

  • SOWK 610 HY2 Hicks

  • SOWK 610 HY3 Schneider

  • SOWK 630 OS1 Makonnen

  • SOWK 630 HG1Ekas-Mueting

  • SOWK 630 HY3 Franke

  • SOWK 631 OS1 Carlstrom

  • SOWK 631 OS3 Altland

  • SOWK 631 HG2 Hopkins

  • SOWK 631 HY2 Hicks

  • SOWK 631 HY4 Meyer

  • SOWK 645 OS1 Smith

  • SOWK 645 HG1Chatterjee

  • SOWK 645 HY1 Dababnah

  • SOWK 699 1 Schindler

  • SOWK 706 OS1 Mulhern

  • SOWK 727 OS1 Chagrin

  • SOWK 715 HY1 Barth

  • SWCL 700 OS1 Schiff

  • SWCL 704 OS1 Westgate

  • SWCL 705 OS1 Gould

  • SWCL 727 OS1 Schagrin

  • SWCL 744 HY1 Camacho

  • SWCL 748 HY1 Kozaczek

  • SWCL 750 HY1 Woolley

  • SWCL 773 HY1 Flaherty

  • SWOA 704 OS1 Victorson

  • SWOA 732 OS1 Bovaird

If you see a course on the above list that you are a part of and would consider sharing your notes with us, I encourage you to keep reading!

Note takers receive $125 per credit for providing notes through the duration of the semester. Note takers are paid through an Educational Support Award distributed at the end of the semester from the Office of Student Financial Assistance. To receive this award, a FAFSA must be on file for the current academic year. Please note: a custom award amount is distributed for hybrid and asynchronous courses depending on the number of notes uploaded through the semester.

All of the details and requirements for note taking may be found on the Educational Support and Disability Services (ESDS) website under Student Note Taker and within the Note Taker FAQ.

If you are interested in being a note taker, please reach out to, which lets ESDS know which course(s) you are interested in being the note taker for. Then, please submit your course schedule to our note taker website:

Your support is greatly appreciated!



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