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October is Disability Awareness Month at UMB

Oct. 5: Are You Okay? Assisting Classmates in Distress Training: 2 p.m. | Zoom

Learn how to use a quick reference guide and get information on how to recognize symptoms, respond to classmates in need, and refer them for therapy or other immediate help. Register here.

Oct. 7: Students with Disabilities Advisory Group (SDAG) Meeting: Noon | Zoom

SDAG is a collective of UMB students who self-identify as living with a disability, neurodiverse, or living with a chronic health condition. All are welcome. Register here.

Oct. 12: Anxiety Toolbox Workshop Series: 6 p.m. | Zoom

The Student Counseling Center offers virtual psycho-educational sessions during the fall semester. The series will meet weekly on Wednesdays for a one-hour skill-based session over a three-week period. Register via UMBengaged.

Nov. 1: Educational Support and Disability Services (ESDS) Open House: Noon | Zoom

Join us monthly to ask questions, connect with other students, and learn more about ESDS. By participating in this program, you are disclosing that you are a student with a disability and/or registered with ESDS, or are simply interested in learning more about the office. The staff looks forward to getting to know you at this event! Register here.

For information about accessibility or to report accessibility barriers, please go to the ESDS website, call 410-706-5889, or email



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