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Nancy Kusmaul Published in Journal of Aging Studies

Associate Professor Nancy Kusmaul, UMBC Doctoral Candidate Ji Hyang Cheon, and Vivian Miller published "Family member roles in long term care: Lessons for the future from COVID-19." This study investigates nursing home residents' and care partners' experiences during COVID-19 visitation restrictions. A nonprobability purposive sample of care partners was recruited via social media and email listservs. Care partners completed surveys (N = 30) and follow-up interviews (n = 17). Before COVID-19, care partners visited residents 3+ times per week for socialization and care. After restrictions, communication between care partners and nursing homes deteriorated. Families experienced reduced communication about residents' health statuses and little COVID-19 case information. Care partners expanded their advocacy roles, proposing policies to protect residents' rights. Care partners reported losing irreplaceable time with residents during restrictions. In future emergencies, we must balance the value of family visits with public health protection such as personal protective equipment (PPE).

Kusmaul, N., Miller, V.J., & Cheon, J.H. (2022). Family Member Roles in Long Term Care: Lessons for the future from COVID-19. Journal of Aging Studies, 62, 101060.



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