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Maryland Longitudinal Data System Series: On-Track for High School Graduation

Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center Research Series

Friday, November 18, 2022, 12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM EST

Overview and Evaluation of an Early Warning Indicator and Intervention System to Keep Ninth-Grade Students On-Track to High School Graduation in Alabama*

*This project does not use MLDS data but can inform future MLDS research.

For the last fifteen years, the Center for Social Organization of Schools (CSOS) has worked with schools and local education agencies that serve high-poverty student populations to design and implement early warning and intervention systems (EWS) to increase high school graduation rates and post-secondary success. In this presentation, CSOS faculty reviews process and outcome evaluation findings from an Institute of Education Sciences funded study on EWS effectiveness.

Dr. Marcia Davis will present data on the implementation of the EWS and associations between implementation and ninth-grade student outcomes. Dr. Martha Mac Iver will present an efficacy study of the EWS on ninth-grade student outcomes. Results from these studies show that higher levels of implementation of early warning and intervention components in the treatment schools were associated with improved levels of ninth-grade student achievement and attendance outcomes and students in the EWS treatment schools were significantly less likely than control school students to be chronically absent. A discussion will focus on the policy implications of this research and the importance of longitudinal data systems for linking early warning indicators to outcomes.


  • Marcia Davis, PhD, Director of CSOS & Associate Professor, School of Education, The Johns Hopkins University.

  • Martha Abele MacIver, PhD, Associate Research Professor at CSOS, School of Education, The Johns Hopkins University.

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