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Maryland Child Welfare Academy Awarded Contract for Statewide Training

The Institute’s Maryland Child Welfare Academy (CWA) has been awarded a $5.5 million, 3-year contract from the Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS), Social Services Administration to support the continued development and implementation of a comprehensive statewide training program for the child welfare workforce. This training program serves to further DHS/SSA’s strategic vision and efforts to transform the child welfare system. Building on a long-standing partnership with DHS, CWA will continue to provide preservice training to new child welfare workers, specialized in-service training and technical assistance, as well as training for resource parents throughout the state. With this new contract, CWA will add the implementation of a coaching framework; prevention services training; and the augmentation of a hybrid in person/online training model. The installation of a coaching framework will advance the transfer of learning and operationalization of Maryland’s Integrated Practice Model and instill a coaching mindset across jurisdictions. The implementation of statewide prevention services training will support the federal mandate for a shift to a proactive, preventive approach to child welfare work. To increase accessibility and reach, the CWA training program will provide enhanced opportunities for both live and online training.



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