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Making the Most of the Limited PSLF Waiver: How to Access Student Loan Forgiveness

On Friday, September 30th, Financial Social Work Initiative (FSWI) is hosting a virtual webinar featuring Dr. Tisa Silver Canady, a Collegiate Financial Wellness Advocate, on the temporary overhaul of The Limited Public Service Loan Forgiveness Waiver.

The PSLF Program has expanded eligibility to federal student loan borrowers who were previously denied access to loan forgiveness through the PSLF Program.

If you have federal student loans and work in the public or non-profit sectors, the Limited PSLF Waiver may help you get your loans forgiven more quickly.

This webinar will provide details on how to:

• Evaluate your eligibility for PSLF

• Determine next steps to maximize benefits during the limited waiver period--set to expire on October 31, 2022

• Submit an error-free PSLF Application

This event is open to students, alums, and members of the UMB community.

Download PDF • 212KB



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