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Lyft On-Demand Shuttle Expands Hours, Increases Discount

Lyft On-Demand Shuttle at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) has increased the

discount it offers to current University students, faculty, and staff.

Lyft On-Demand Shuttle offers up to $10 off per ride for a maximum of 24 rides per month, on

Standard Lyft rides only.

In addition, the service will expand its hours of operation effective Feb. 22. The new hours are 6 a.m.

to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday. Rides must start and end at a designated UM shuttle stop.

Lyft Ride Smart at UMB also expanded its services to 24 hours daily as of Feb. 1. The program

offers $5 off up to three rides per month, valid on Standard Lyft rides only. Rides must start and end

within the program service area.

You must opt in to the services. If you did not receive an emailed invitation in November, please fill

out this form for Lyft On-Demand Shuttle and this form for Lyft Ride Smart.

There is a limited amount of funding available for these programs and should the number of

participants or usage exceed the estimated numbers, the programs will end. You will be notified about

any changes in the programs should they arise.

Visit the Lyft On-Demand Shuttle page and the Lyft Ride Smart page for more information.



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