Jaih Craddock and Nancy Franke Published in Archives of Sexual Behavior

Assistant Professor Jaih Craddock, Doctoral Candidate Nancy Franke, and Caroline Kingori (of Ohio University) have a new paper published in Archives of Sexual Behavior that examined how individual-level factors (e.g., concurrent sex partners, sex under the influence) and social network member-level factors (e.g., sexual health communication, relationship type) were associated with condom use, HIV testing, and interest in use of PrEP among young Black women. Craddock, Franke, and Kingori found that respondents who spoke to a sex partner about condom use had lower odds of being interested in PrEP but higher odds of having used a condom in their most recent sexual encounter. Odds of being tested for HIV were significantly higher for participants who spoke to a partner about HIV testing.

More details can be found at: https://link.springer.com/epdf/10.1007/s10508-022-02306-7?sharing_token=ZaRQKqEoo6_dXmFaI3ARC_e4RwlQNchNByi7wbcMAY4lQyV-UpoSJDuS9VNbHZhFn0Z_h7k3Uo8uA3_hxrghmjMUsV9pqpxu88paHz7UM-08TFXyLmp5q3a6D6NiRIfwSsFSAqwEQxHmtbQ3FywtCZmL1evVONNq2S9FQEECAFs%3D