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Introducing: Students with Disabilities Advisory Group | February 17, 12 pm – 1 pm

The UMB's Division of Student Affairs offices of ESDS (Educational Support and Disability Services) and the Intercultural Center are pleased to introduce their newly established Students with Disabilities Advisory Group (SDAG). The SDAG will be a collective of UMB students who self-identify as living with a disability, neurodiverse, or living with a chronic health condition.

The group’s goals, purpose, and format were solidified through the collection of student feedback during three open-listening events and responses from a survey. The intention of the group is to serve as a forum for peer support, inclusive discussion, resource sharing, and advocacy. There will also be the opportunity for an educational workshop focused on the needs and rights of students with disabilities and to generate awareness, advocacy, and growth for students involved in SDAG and the campus-wide community.

Our launch date is scheduled for February 17th 12pm – 1pm. You may register here.

We will be working on putting together workshops for the UMB community for the last week in March (3/31), and a second closing meeting April 19th 12pm – 1pm.



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