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International Symposium on Strengths Based Practice

UMSSW is part of a 21 University collaboration (U21, that brings together great universities from across the US and globe. The Social Work Community of Practice has recently been launched under the U21 umbrella.

The Social Work Community of Practice of the Universitas 21 network of universities is therefore organizing a virtual symposium to share latest evidence, practice and thinking regarding strengths based practice. Alongside speakers from research and teaching, the symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss future collaboration between the U21 members around this important topic.

For more details of the symposium and how to register please follow this link:

Early career academics are encouraged to attend alongside those more established in their teaching and research careers.

The symposium is open to anyone affiliated with a member university of Universitas 21, so anyone in the UMSSW can join on Tuesday 18th May from 7:00 to 9:00 hours (UK) – to register please follow this link:

Please direct questions to Rick Barth,



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