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Intensive Alternative Family Treatment Evaluation for Rapid Resource for Families

Assistant Professor Roderick Rose, PhD, has been awarded funding from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to evaluate Intensive Alternative Family Treatment (IAFT).

IAFT is an enhanced therapeutic foster care program that serves youth who are at risk for entry to a higher level of care (e.g., a psychiatric residential treatment facility.) The purpose of this project is to understand the cost effectiveness of IAFT relative to typical care settings including standard therapeutic foster care.

The project will use diagnosis, service, and reimbursement data from Medicaid claims files to compare the cost of serving children with IAFT to the costs associated with typical treatment modalities and settings for these children.

IAFT has been shown to be effective in reducing entries to higher levels of care, but it is not yet known how cost-effective this is. The results of this study will help reduce barriers to implementation of IAFT.



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