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Imboden, Frey, Mosby, and colleagues published in New Solutions

PhD Candidate Rachel Imboden, Professor Jodi Frey, Program Manager Amanda Mosby, and recent PhD and MSW Program graduates Orrin Ware and Alicia Bazell, along with colleagues from the School of Medicine and Maryland Department of Health have a new paper published in New Solutions. The paper describes efforts of the Workplace PROSPER (Partnering to Reduce Opioid Stigma and Support Employment in Recovery) project team to explore opioid-related Maryland employment needs from Key Stakeholder perspectives.

See below for the full citation:

Imboden, R., Frey, J. J., Bazell, A. T., Mosby, A., Ware, O., Mitchell, C. S., & Cloeren, M. (2021). Workplace support for employees in recovery from opioid use: Stakeholder perspectives. New Solutions: A Journal of Environment and Occupational Health Policy. doi: 10.1177/10482911211043522



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