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Human Trafficking 201 Training for Mental Health Providers

To be eligible for this training series, you must be a Licensed Clinician (e.g. LMSW, LCSW-C, LGPC, LCPC, etc.) with a minimum of 3 years of experience practicing in a clinical capacity (including internships). If you are a licensed clinician, with less than 3 years of clinical experience (under supervision) and you are working in a Rape Crisis, DV/IPV or Anti-Trafficking Organization you may register for this presentation. 201: Meet 101 prerequisites (above), and completion of 101 training from this series. Overview: An advanced clinical training meant for those direct service providers who attended 101 and are likely to come in direct clinical contact with survivors of human trafficking. Participants will understand and identify mental health risks associated with trafficking and barriers to treatment for survivors; understand neurobiology of trauma and how it relates to treatment expectations; understand how traumatic bonding impacts the therapeutic alliance and ability to form and maintain new and healthy relationships; understand how abuse and impact of polyvictimization for survivors of trafficking impacts their ability to engage in mental health therapy; learn trauma-informed interventions to address safety, build rapport, manage emotional dysregulation, build skills and process grief; and acknowledge the role of self-care, system collaboration and transparency of decision-making in mental health with survivors.



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