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Healing Through Action Youth Conference | 3/29

HYA would like to extend our warmest invitation to the Healing Through Action Youth Conference, hosted by the Healing Youth Alliance (HYA). Our Charm City cohort will be making their official debut as HYA Ambassadors during this event, and we would be honored to have your presence on March 29th at 6:30 PM.

This special evening is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of our young people who have displayed passion and dedication in bettering themselves and their community. As the Charm City cohort wraps up their 24 weeks of professional development and mental health training, they have prepared some outstanding presentations on various mental health topics.

The topics will range from Baltimore, Black Youth, and the School-to-Prison Pipeline, to inequalities in the Child Welfare System and discrimination in the Public School System towards BIPOC with disabilities. Additionally, the conference will cover the Black Adolescent Experience in Public Schools, Suicide in the Black Community, and Beyond the Veil: a discussion into the mental health of the Black community.

The conference will be held virtually on Zoom, and for further details, please contact us at or



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