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Greif, Stubbs, and Woolley Publish on Interracial Marriage

Professors Geoffrey Greif and Michael Wooley and former clinical professor Victoria Stubbs published "Clinical Suggestions for Family Therapists Based on Interviews with White Women Married to Black Men" in Contemporary Family Therapy.


With the number of interracial marriages rising, family therapists need to know what issues these married couples and their families face. The authors analyzed qualitative interviews with 11 White women married to Black men, who were part of a larger study on interracial couples. The authors identified four themes that were relevant to the participants’ experiences and could guide therapy with the family. These were: (1) racial perspective taking; (2) communication patterns; (3) microaggressions; and (4) raising children. Three sub-themes were also identified that were tied to racial perspective taking. These were: (a) White privilege; (b) safety; and (c) social justice. Clinical suggestions for family therapists working with these couples are provided.

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