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Frey & UMB Colleagues Receive Funding to Further IPE Work on Opioid Use Disorder

Frey and UMB Colleagues receive funding to further IPE work on opioid use disorder, recovery and the workplace -

An interprofessional team of faculty were funded by the UMB Center for Interprofessional Education grant to attend the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC), Advanced IPEC Institute. The UMB faculty team includes Dr. Marianne Cloeren (UM SOM), Dr. Jodi Frey (UM SSW), Dr. Kelly Doran (UM SON), and Dr. Kathleen Hoke (UM SOL). Together, they are working to advance interprofessional research and service projects aimed at addressing problems related to low work participation by individuals with opioid use disorder. The projects are related to the PROSPER Projects, which include several grant-funded research initiatives aimed at supporting individuals in recovery from opioid use disorder, peer specialists and treatment programs, employees and employers. The IPEC educational training will help to support the group achieve goals to be more effective champions of interprofessional education and research on campus. More about the PROSPER projects can be seen here:



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