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Enroll Today in the President's Student

The President’s Student Leadership Institute (PSLI) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore is now accepting applicants for the 2021-2022 cohort. PSLI offers a diverse portfolio of workshops, platforms, and learning options to allow candidates the ability to select the format or types of events they can attend based on availability, learning style, and time commitments.

Enroll by September 19th. To learn more or enroll go to:

About the President's Student Leadership Institute:

PSLI offers institute candidates with an on-demand (asynchronous) or live (synchronous) format, with the live format including 6 specializations.

Below is a description of the two formats and six live specializations:

PSLI-On Demand: Completed asynchronously and implemented through Blackboard, PSLI-On Demand provides you with pre-recorded seminars, readings, and interactive discussion boards to engage and strengthen your leadership and career development capabilities centered around the topics of diversity and inclusion.

PSLI-Live: Following the traditional PSLI format and hosted through live webinars and workshops, PSLI-Live allows participants to select one or multiple specializations focusing on the following areas:

  • Career Development: This specialization is geared for candidates interested in career and professional skill-building. Workshops topics include interviewing, networking, and professional branding.

  • Civility and Civic Engagement: Designed around public service, this specialization allows candidates to attend workshops centered around community service, ethics, and public health.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The Entrepreneurship and Innovation specialization is designed for individuals who want to explore the world through revolutionary thought, entrepreneurship, and design thinking. Attendees will be able to select workshops focused on industry and entrepreneurial leadership, business building, and patenting and prototyping.

  • Executive Leadership: Formerly called "effective leadership," this specialization expands upon traditional leadership to focus on organizational leadership. This specialization offers options in strategic planning, managerial skills, and organizational change.

  • Global Leadership: Viewing leadership through a global perspective, this specialization provides candidates with an opportunity to attend seminars focused on global health, global literacy, and international relations.

  • Inclusive Leadership: Established to teach leaders the value of inclusive excellence and cultural competency in personal and professional settings, this specialization promotes the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion through workshops hosted by the UMB Intercultural Center.



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