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Education Policy Colloquium Series: Linking Homelessness to Postsecondary & Early Labor Market

Education Policy Colloquium Series: Linking Homelessness to Postsecondary
& Early Labor Market Outcomes

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

12 PM - 1 PM EST

Benjamin Building 0306

Zoom Meeting ID: 653 296 4982

Linking Homelessness in Secondary School to Postsecondary and Early Labor Market Outcomes in Maryland Using a Continuum of Risk Framework will be presented by Dr. Angela Henneberger, SSW Research Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator and Research Director for the Maryland Longitudinal Data System (MLDS) Center. This presentation is part of the Education Policy Colloquium Series.

Homeless students and low-income students share multiple overlapping risk experiences, and some studies report little to no observed differences in outcomes between homeless and low-income, stably housed youth. However, homelessness-related risks are specific to experiences with being homeless, such as stigma, housing instability, and issues that arise with living in shelter environments. From the cumulative risk perspective, it is not homelessness alone that leads to poorer outcomes, rather, increased exposure to multiple cooccurring risks linked to poverty leading to poorer outcomes.

Using a continuum of risk framework, Dr. Henneberger will be discussing the study that leveraged statewide administrative data from a 6th grade cohort of Maryland public school students (N= 52,610) to investigate the association between homelessness and educational and early labor market outcomes, above and beyond the association between poverty and outcomes. This study underscores the importance of targeted interventions that help in promoting positive, long-term educational and labor market outcomes, particularly for students who were homeless in adolescence.

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Jointly sponsored by the Maryland Equity Project and the University of Maryland College of Education.



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