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Economic Inclusion Conference at Coppin State University

The 2023 Economic Inclusion Conference at Coppin (EICAC) organized by the Coppin State University (CSU) College of Business (COB) Center for Strategic Entrepreneurship (CSE) will provide an interactive forum for thought-leaders to address persistent barriers to economic inclusion in all sectors. Stakeholders from private and public sectors, academia, and the community will convene in-person at Coppin State University on April 27 from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

EICAC 2023 attendees will:

  • hear state-level leaders discuss vision and strategies for providing equitable economic opportunities.

  • exchange valuable information with corporate, governmental, academic, and community stakeholders.

  • discover resources that will contribute to entrepreneurial success.

  • discuss the role of HBCUs and MSIs in expanding collaborative economic opportunities.

  • develop strategies for closing workforce gaps.

  • consider new opportunities associated with the CSU Center Strategic Entrepreneurship and the new College of Business building on North Avenue and Warwick.

  • examine new developments in local, small-scale manufacturing and making.

  • explore innovative opportunities in K-12 engagement and pathway development.

  • engage in network-building across regions, sectors, cultures, and other differentiators that may impede collaborative progress.

  • assess the robust network of relationships at an academic innovation hub in West Baltimore.

  • appreciate the brilliance of Coppin State University faculty and student scholars.



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