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E-Health Interprofessional Experience

The School of Social Work has an opportunity for Social Work students to join the School of Pharmacy in a half day in-person rotation beginning on September 6th, 2022 This 4 one half day a week rotation will be held every Tuesday morning in the E-Health Suite of the School of Pharmacy from 9-11:30. The last day of the rotation will be September 27, 2022.

Social Work students will be working with Pharmacy Students and instructors to collaborate on ambulatory care cases. Students will identify strategies to develop individualized treatment plans from both the social work and pharmacy perspectives with an emphasis delivery this service via telehealth. During this rotation students will be introduced to the technical skills required to engage in safe and ethical telehealth services. Students will be involved with reviewing cases, documentation, and mock telehealth interviews.

The time spent in the rotation can count towards your field hours, if your field instructor allows you this time. You will need to confirm with your field instructor that you will not be at your field site on those Tuesday mornings that you are in the SOP rotation.

If you are interested in this IPE activity, but unable to attend this one there will be others beginning on the following dates in the fall.

  • October 11

  • November 15

Three other sessions will also be held in the Spring Semester.

Please contact Jane Schindler at if you are interested in or have any questions



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