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Dr. Laurie Graham and Colleagues Published in Journal of Family Violence

Assistant Professor Dr. Laurie Graham and colleagues have a new paper published in the Journal of Family Violence that examines the relationship between experiencing child maltreatment and later engagement in intimate partner violence. Using data from 370 adult respondents who participated in the Lehigh Longitudinal Study, findings suggest that child maltreatment exposure, frequent alcohol use in adolescence, adolescent depression, frequent alcohol use at age 36, and adult depression at age 36 are associated with engaging in intimate partner violence at age 36. Adolescent aggression and frequent alcohol use at age 46 were significantly related to engaging in intimate partner violence at age 46.

Fedina, L., Hong, S., Rousson, A., Graham, L. M., Lee, O. J., & Herrenkohl, T. (2022). Childhood maltreatment and intimate partner violence perpetration in adulthood: An investigation into proximal and distal risk factors across the life course. Journal of Family Violence.



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