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Dr. Ericka M. Lewis & Colleagues Published in the Journal of the Society for Social Work & Research

Assistant Professor Ericka Lewis, PhD Candidate Kimberly Williams, PhD Program Graduate Michelle Sermon, and colleagues have a new published paper in the Journal of the Society for Social Work & Research. The paper describes the implementation of one child welfare system reform approach (Quality Parenting Initiative) and explores the strategies used to engage stakeholders. Findings suggest that utilizing a participatory approach, wherein diverse stakeholders are collaborating around a shared vision, can increase engagement in implementation activities.

Lewis, E. M., Murugan, V., Feely, M., Williams, K. A., Sermon, M. C., & Farooq, S. (2022). Quality Parenting Initiative: Engaging Diverse Stakeholders as Champions for Child Welfare Systems Reform. Advance online publication.



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