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Dr. Christabel Cheung published in Oppositional Conversations

Assistant Professor Christabel Cheung, PhD, and Court Simmons at Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work have published a new paper entitled, “Centering black swans: Embodied research in adolescent and young adult oncology,” in Oppositional Conversations.

The authors counter criticism that calls into question the trustworthiness of embodied inquiry in social science and medicine. They do so by introducing their embodied research approach through two in-depth case examples of embodiment in the development of high-priority research questions relevant to two psychosocial domains in adolescent and young adult oncology: race and gender. Rigorous and transparent methodology is utilized to demonstrate the empiricism of embodiment in the process of research topic selection and prioritization. In addition to modeling the practice of embodiment, the authors discuss the benefits and risks of their approach, and propose how their results might inform the advancement of embodied research methods in adolescent and young adult oncology.



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