Devon Prater – Why I am Proud to Work Here. Proud to Give Here.

“I am proud to work for UMB, and in particular, the School of Social Work because of the positive impact the University has on Baltimore and its residents. Immediately after the University shutdown, the School began a fundraising campaign to support students experiencing financial challenges. It was inspiring to see the number of faculty, staff, and alumni, who came together to support the Student Emergency Fund. This initial display of community shaped how I responded to the pandemic. It would have been easy to feel overwhelmed during these trying times, but working here with these kind and motivated people, I was reminded that we are only going to get through this together – one act of kindness at a time. I am glad to work here and grateful for the opportunity to give to such worthy institutions.”

- Devon Prater, Events Coordinator, Support Services

Proud to Work Here, Proud to Give Here is a participation-based campaign, meaning every gift — no matter the size — makes a substantial difference in our collective work and brings new opportunities to our students, programs, research, and scholarship at UMSSW and UMB.

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