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Cynthia Park Memorial Child Welfare Lecture April 29

You are invited to the 2nd Annual Cynthia Park, LCSW-C Memorial Child Welfare Lecture This event is co-sponsored by the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s Child Welfare Academy and Title IV-E Education for Public Child Welfare Program Friday, April 29, 2022 9:00 am to 12:15 pm Lecture

Register in advance: (please note if you are a NON-DHS employee please indicate “N/A” in the required field.)

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"Reimaging Social Work through Policy and Practice"

Sarah Butts, LMSW, National Director of Public Policy, NASW National Office

Description: Social workers across the macro/micro continuum have been working for decades to address child safety and permanency, increase well-being, and promote stronger families. Yet, the challenges faced by children, families, child welfare workers, and administrators are more complicated now than it ever was. This workshop will explore strategies in policy practice to address current issues as well as introduce a framework to imagine and build a child welfare system anew.

The Cynthia Park Memorial Child Welfare Lecture honors the life of Cynthia Park, MSW, LCSW-C who passed away in April 2020. Cynthia, alum of the SSW, worked in child welfare for over 23 years in In-Home Services, CPS and a Faculty Field Instructor for the Title IV-E Education for Public Child Welfare Program. There is no cost for attending this workshop, nor for CEUS. We are building toward a Cynthia Park Memorial Scholarship and if you wish to contribute to the scholarship fund use this link:



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