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Curtis Center Health Equity Seminar Series featuring Dr. Jodi Frey

National Guidelines for Workplace Suicide Prevention:

How Social Workers Can Help Implement Comprehensive Public Health Approaches

The workplace is a relatively untapped environment for social work education, prevention, and intervention, despite the fact that adults spend a majority of their time at work and interacting with managers and coworkers. The need for social workers in the workplace has never been greater as workplace leaders realize and embrace the need to improve working conditions with improved policies and programs that foster a culture of health and well-being and support psychological safety in the workplace. Social work values and ethics permeate all areas of the workplace with behavioral health, DE&I, equity, and social justice. These values, ethics, and practice mandates are informing workplace leadership on ways to improve conditions and treatment for their most valuable asset - their employees.

Thursday, March 30

1:00 - 2:00 PM ET via Zoom



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