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Community Justice and Equity (CJAE) Meeting 2/24

Community Justice and Equity (CJAE) Meeting: : Join Us for Critical Legal Systems Conversations

Please join us for the inaugural open meeting of the Community Justice And Equity (CJAE) Initiative. Anyone from the UMB SSW community is welcome!

CJAE is designed to be an incubator for research initiatives and collaborations among students, staff, researchers, community groups, and government agencies that critically examines legal systems and their stakeholders in a dynamic context using an anti-oppressive, anti-racist lens. We seek to highlight and grow some of the important legal systems work that we are doing at the UMB SSW.

Please use this Zoom link to join us on Thursday, 2/24 from 2:00-3:30pm.

Contact Corey Shdaimah for more information.



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