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CIGNA Awards $225K Grant to the Healing Youth Alliance

CIGNA has awarded $225,000 over three years to the Healing Youth Alliance (HYA) to support training of 45 African American youth on mental health, healing, and trauma in the African American community. The HYA is a program led by the SSW's Kyla Liggett-Creel.

Youth in the program have said there is a stigma around therapy, with a feeling of “that’s what white people do. That’s not what we do.” In addition, the fields of mental health and social work have sometimes cause harm historically to African Americans. “We’re trying to address the mistrust by recognizing the history, talking about the stigma, and increasing awareness,” Liggett-Creel (Director of HYA) says. “We also discuss the role that white supremacy and systemic racism have on poverty, violence, and the lack of access to resources that are related to trauma in the African American community.”

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