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Child Trafficking -- Call for Student Posters


4th Annual VIRTUAL Maryland Child Trafficking Conference

Organizers are seeking several engaging 3-5-minute poster presentations, with a voice recorded over a poster image, to combine into a poster presentation on each morning of the conference. STUDENTS are particularly encouraged to submit.

Posters should be related directly to the field of child trafficking (either sex or labor trafficking), and fall into one of the following categories:

1. PRACTICE --- Tips on practice innovations that have been working well (in general or especially online during coronavirus)

2. POLICY --- Descriptions of new or updated policies affecting Maryland, information about local, state, or national legislative advocacy campaigns

3. RESEARCH --- Background, methods, findings & discussion about trafficking-related research that may be of interest to practitioners

4. OUTREACH --- An elevator speech about your agency, as though in a conference exhibition hall or community outreach fair.

Please submit your poster to Sharon Henry at by Friday 11/30/20. We have a poster template we can send you to adapt, or you can try this resource:



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