Call for Affinity Spaces Facilitators

This Fall, SSW launched the Social Work Affinity Space Initiative (SWAS). After a successful semester, we will continue hosting affinity spaces in Spring 2021, and are looking for individuals interested in being facilitators. Affinity spaces are opened to any member of our SSW community.

The affinity spaces serve as a means by which people can explore aspects of their identity, share experiences, and wrestle with questions. They foster connection, cultivate a sense of community and ensure that members of the SSW community experience a belonging. The spaces are a hybrid of “doing” and “being”. While solutions and actions will naturally occur, these spaces also focus on how we are “being” together and prompting reflection

For Spring 2021, we will host spaces for the following affinity groups:

• BIPOC Group: A space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color aimed at creating a supportive community of learning, advocacy and radical self-care

• White Accountability Group: A space is geared toward white people who want to take an anti-racist stance in learning about race and who are willing to face their discomfort, uncertainty, or anger in the process.

• Disability Advocacy and Justice Group: A space for people interested in disability advocacy and justice

• LGBTQ+ Group: A space for discussing, building community and strategizing for issues that impact LGBTQ+ folx”

If you are interested in serving as a facilitator in one or more of these groups, please email


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