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Becker, Davitt, and Colleague Published in Educational Gerontology

Third-year doctoral student, Todd Becker; associate professor, Joan Davitt; and a colleague from the University of Minnesota, Rajean Moone, published their recent article, "The Intersection of Sociopolitical Trends and Aging Network Training: An Analysis of National Conference Proceedings" in Educational Gerontology.

Using publicly available conference programs, the authors content analyzed the conference abstracts presented at three national aging conferences dedicated to the dissemination of new information for older adult service providers that were held between 2009 and 2018. Results revealed trends in the priority areas, which the authors then related to shifts in aging policy occurring around that time.

More details can be found at:

Becker, T. D., Davitt, J. K., & Moone, R. P. (2021). The intersection of sociopolitical trends and Aging Network training: An analysis of national conference proceedings. Educational Gerontology. Advance online publication.



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