Becker and Cagle Published in OMEGA

Third-year doctoral student, Todd Becker, and associate professor, John Cagle, have a new paper published in OMEGA—Journal of Death and Dying that qualitatively explored the bereavement support services offered in hospice. Using data from a national, random sample of hospices proportionately stratified by state and profit status, Becker and Cagle (2021) found that participants described their hospice's bereavement support services in terms of the following four domains: (a) timing of support, (b) providers of support, (c) targets of support, and (d) formats of support. Participants also acknowledged a perceived underutilization of bereavement support services and the benefit of informal support services.

More details can be found at:

Becker, T. D., & Cagle, J. G. (2021). Bereavement support services in a national sample of hospices: A content analysis. OMEGA—Journal of Death and Dying. Advance online publication.


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