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Becker and Cagle Published in Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

PhD candidate, Todd Becker, and Associate Professor, John Cagle, have a new paper published in Journal of Pain and Symptom Management that explores hospice professionals' perceptions of priority research areas and priority unmet clinical needs for patients and families.

Using data from 129 hospice agency representatives across the U.S., Becker and Cagle's content analysis generated the following five categories (and subcategories): earlier access to hospice, education (outside physicians, patients and families, public), policy barriers to hospice enrollment (hospice eligibility and reimbursement, gaps in insurance coverage), effects of policy restrictions on hospice care (reimbursement for care, pain management, clinician issues), and improving the provision of in-home hospice care (community resources, supports for caregivers, supports for when caregiver assistance is inadequate, needs already are being met).



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