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Are you looking for an exciting advanced research course option for Spring 2021?

SOWK 789: Interracial and Interethnic Couples

This course fulfills the advanced research requirement and has been approved for Clinical Concentrators in the Behavioral Health, EAP, Aging, Health, and Families and Children (not Title IV-E) specializations. Prerequisites: SOWK 670

This three Credit elective course, which meets synchronously 12:15-1:45 on Mondays, will be a deep dive into how these couples manage their relationships and potentially raise children in our swiftly changing world. One in six couples that marry are now interracial or interethnic and this course will prepare students for understanding issues of race and ethnicity as they affect clients. Students will interview one member of the couple (3 interviews per student), learn interviewing skills, make a brief class presentation, and turn in a paper on their findings. More than 50 interviews have already been conducted.

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