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Alexandra S. Wimberly and Colleagues Publish in Guilford Press Periodicals

Typologies of Stressful Life Events and Their Association With Sexual Risk Behaviors and Communication Among Justice-Involved Males and Their Female Sex Partners


Stressful life events are prevalent among justice-involved populations and are associated with sexual risk behaviors and partner communication regarding safe-sex practices. We describe patterns of stress exposure for heterosexual couples (where males are under community supervision) and how stress patterns are associated with sexual risk behaviors and communication (460 individuals; 230 couples). Latent class analysis identified patterns of stress. Multinominal logistic regression models identified associations between sex, race, ethnicity, and stress classes. Multilevel Poisson regression models described relationships between sexual risk behaviors and frequency of communication about condoms/HIV, and stress classes. We found four classes that differed by sex, race, and ethnicity and were associated with the number of sexual partners, condom use self-efficacy, discussing condoms with partner, and discussing HIV prevention with partner. Partner class was associated with the number of sexual partners. Findings inform future assessment/interventions for sexual health that consider patterns of stress and demographics.



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